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We have just posted a store page with more information about obtaining our zines, and items funding the zines and this blog project. We are still working on setting up options for e-books and ordering through a self-publishing site which would enable us to easily ship them worldwide.

We are currently in the editing process of our second publication which focuses on the effects on families and support systems in regards to incarceration. We have received some incredible submissions and look forward to sharing them with the world in the next few months. We do have a Gofundme account to help cover the costs of printing, binding, shipping, and the release itself as this process is a completely community funded project, and is not aimed at making a profit. Our number one priority is helping prisoners’ voices reach the world and encouraging prisoner support and solidarity. We hope you will consider supporting us with a small donation.

Support the recovery of an exonerated man who was unjustly held on Death Row by the state of Texas

               For the past several weeks, many of the men on Texas Death Row have been celebrating the release of their friend Alfred Dewayne Brown. Mr. Brown, a young man who was unjustly incarcerated and severely isolated for over 10 years, was released after phone records were found in a detective’s garage which supported his alibi and severely challenged the already limited evidence against him. Mr. Brown likely would have continued to be incarcerated and ultimately killed by the state of Texas if the D.A. had not ruled that evidence against him was insufficient to warrant a re-trial.They have since re-opened the case to search for the true killer.

Donate here: Fundraiser for Alfred Dewayne Brown

              Now, after over 10 years of experiencing the trauma of a wrongful conviction, extreme isolation, loss of basic rights, and the effects of whatever types of violence he may have experienced due to his incarceration, he is a young man trying to recover his life and happiness. I would ask the responsible residents of this country to lend some support to Mr. Brown and the hundreds of other exonorees like him who receive limited help after being released, and often receive no financial assistance. Whether it is a few dollars per person, or at least sharing this fundraiser page, it is the least we can do for someone who has suffered greatly due to a flawed system which almost cost his life. If you are unfamiliar with the amount of exonerations happening in this country, I suggest looking into the statistics The Innocence Project can provide and many other organizations which could be found through an internet search on the subject.

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