Pen Pal Connection

While we do not intend to become a pen pal service, we do encourage readers to contact the prisoners we are in touch with who are seeking pen pals. This page lists our friends who are actively seeking pen pals, friends, and sometimes love. Reaching out to an incarcerated person can be a positive, life changing experience for both people involved. Please contact us if you plan to become a pen  pal to one of these prisoners or for any other information you may want or need to know. Also see, Things to Know Before you Write. 

. (Tony) Anthony Medina: Hispanic/male on Death Row seeking a pen pal from Houston. Interested in art, writing, and sports. Click for more about Tony. 

. Terence Andrus: 27/ Black/male on Death Row seeking a dedicated friendship which would begin through written correspondence. He is interested in politics and writing. Click for more on Terence.

. Jorge Garcia: Hispanic/male/ solitary confinement (ad seg) seeking a pen pal to express himself more; he has had limited contact with family and friends and is dealing with very bad conditions in the Eastham unit. Interested in music and literature. Click for more about Jorge.

. John Green: White/male/ in gen. pop. looking for a new pen pal to share his writing with and maintain a relationship with while he patiently awaits parole. Click for more about John. 

. Timothy Bazrowx: White/male looking for a pen pal and possible visitor. Writer, religious scholar, history as a jail house lawyer, and in recovery from substance abuse. Click for more about Timothy. 

. Pete Russell: Black/Male/ on death row seeking a pen pal from Houston area with similar interests, especially yoga and meditation. Click for more on Pete.

. Harvey “Tee” Earvin: Black/male/ death row.  For details: View his page.

. Nanon M. Williams: Black/male/ gen. pop. Formerly on Death Row, Nanon is an author, scholar, and craftsman, and a long time publisher of a prison newsletter. View his page.

.Kenneth Conrad Vodochodsky: Hispanic/male/ gen. pop. Formerly on Death Row, Kenneth is an author and artist looking toward the future. View his page.

.Howard Guidry: Black /male/ on death row. Dedicated artist and yogi. Requesting a pen pal.  View his page. 

.Sean Adams: White/ male/ in general population. He is a writer, is seeking to better himself and help others while incarcerated, and was formerly involved in political organizing in Houston.  View his page. 

.Ronald Hamilton: Black/male/ Christian on death row seeking a pen pal/friend. See page for more information.

.Gerald Marshall: Black/male/Christian on death row seeking a local friend. He is an artist and writer. See page for more information.

Interested in one of these potential friends? Know a prisoner seeking a pen pal? Contact us. 

*If you are looking for more pen pal pages check out the links on the right side of our page.

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