Our Zines and Crafts

All of our publications and other items directly fund publishing and prisoner support/solidarity in various forms. No individuals profit from the items available here; although all donations go through our editor/publisher, she is currently doing this on a volunteer basis as are our writers and artists. Our primary goal is for prisoners’ voices to be heard and for donations to benefit the improvement of prisoners lives through organizations that they support.

Our Zines:

The System that Holds us Captive, published in 2014. A short (26 pages) ‘self-published magazine’.  Suggested $3-5 free world, or free for prisoners.

Topic: Emotions, Mental Health, and Abuse in the Prison Industrial Complex

2015-07-04 20.57.45

The zine may currently be purchased by contacting us directly. Payment through paypal, cash or money orders is accepted, all prices sliding scale. PDF version now available for online reading. Follow the link above to inquire. Small donation suggested. 

The System the Holds us Captive, vol. 2. 

This zine was released in January 2016 and it is 32 pages with over a dozen contributors. 

Topic:  The Captive Family and Society



Recommended $5-10 donation for free world buyers. We would love to come to your community and discuss this project and are currently planning a presentation to go along with the zine. Contact us directly for physical or digital copies or inquiries about tabling or touring.



One of our contributors has donated leather bracelets(available options below) available for our supporters and donors. Currently on the way are bracelets reading “Liberation”. If you are interested in these items feel free to contact us about mailing one to you.


Available options: Unity, Hope, Freedom and Peace


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