About Uncaptive Voices

          We began in 2014 as a self-published publication called “The System that Holds us Captive” made in Houston, TX; now we bring the internet Uncaptive Voices, our very own blog. It all started with a conversation I had while visiting a friend on Texas Death Row; we wanted to do something worthwhile for prisoners. Well, we are here to give you the voices that are forgotten by many, and held hostage by concrete walls and barbed wire fences.  We will post writing and art by prisoners, the formerly incarcerated, and their family, friends, and supporters. We will also share our publications here and post readings on the prison and justice systems.  We hope to give human voices and faces to a segment of society which is isolated from and even alienated by our current society and political discussions. Thanks for reading, and we welcome you to contact us about submitting or just to get in touch!



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